Consensus International, a top global SAP Business One partner, joins the Exact International partner community

Consensus International, a top SAP Business One software reseller with nine locations in the United States, Colombia and the Caribbean, has recently joined the Exact International partner community. With over 29 years of experience, Consensus International has been a reseller of SAP products since 2006 and an avid user of Exact Synergy Enterprise since 2007. By joining the Exact International partner community, Consensus has a clear focus on sharing the Exact Synergy Enterprise solution with the SAP Business One customer community.

Andres Castrillon, CEO of Consensus International, states “Consensus is excited to join the Exact International partner community. We are always looking for solutions that can complement SAP Business One, and Exact Synergy Enterprise business process management (BPM) capabilities could enable some of our customers to use workflow to quickly distribute tasks to the right people, track the progress of each task, and report on the results. Synergy's browser-based collaboration could help some of our customers unify their teams around processes and knowledge that matter most to them, creating an accurate, real-time view to facilitate task execution, analysis, planning, and ongoing management.”

Consensus International brings a wealth of experience and accolades from the SAP B1 market, achieving a number of honors as a top global business partner for SAP:

  • SAP Gold Partner since 2009
  • SAP Partner Advisory Council (PAC) member
  • SAP Business One for HANA solution provider
  • 2015 SAP Business One Partner Award for Excellence and Revenue growth
  • 2017 SAP North America Excellence Award for SAP Business One

As a partner with deep expertise in both SAP Business One and Exact Synergy Enterprise, Consensus International is leading the way for the next evolution of Synergy Enterprise expansion into the SAP Business One community. Looking forward, Exact Americas Director Philip Bini sees the signing of Consensus International as a huge step forward in providing the Exact Synergy Enterprise experience to more businesses:

“With the addition of Andres and his team at Consensus, Exact has the opportunity to introduce the Exact Synergy Enterprise solution to 60,000 SAP Business One customers worldwide. By bringing the collaboration capabilities of Exact Synergy Enterprise into the SAP Business One market, Consensus gives businesses the final technology components and the consulting expertise needed to “complete” the overall ERP experience that many of these companies have every day. This is an exciting time for the SAP Business One community, Consensus International and Exact.”

Exact Synergy

With Exact Synergy you’re able to achieve optimal collaboration between all departments within your company. The result: transparency, shorter lines of communication, faster reaction times, increased flexibility and genuine teamwork. By connecting employees and ensuring that work can be carried out easily, everyone is kept up to date on developments concerning customers. Exact Synergy is a scalable solution. Start by automating one of many processes and expand when you’re ready to do so. Use Synergy to manage the following business processes:

  • HRM
  • Workflows
  • Document Mangement
  • Project Management
  • CRM
  • Social Collaboration

Want to find out more about Exact Synergy? Click here to find out how you can achieve optimal collaboration across all departments.

About Consensus

Consensus was established by a group of experienced consultants that were passionate about solving problems for their customers. After many years of continued growth, Consensus has helped more than 900 companies worldwide simplify, stream line, and automate their organizations.

By implementing advanced technology and sound business practices, Consensus has enabled customers to run their businesses more efficiently, innovate and adjust to market conditions, grow their revenue and increase their profits.

Click here to visit the website of Consensus International.

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