In the cloud or on-premise after all?

While Exact Online runs in the cloud, we offer multiple deployment options for our other major products: Exact Globe+, Synergy and Financials. That way, you can decide for yourself which method is the best fit for your organisation.

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Available deployment options

More and more companies are taking advantage of the benefits of the Exact Cloud. There are a range of options to choose from here. If you're looking to get started with our solution immediately and want to be able to rely on out-of-the-box processes along with speed and accessibility, Exact Online is the ideal solution for you.

Are your needs more extensive? In that case, Exact Globe+, Synergy or Financials may be more suitable. These, too, can be purchased as cloud services from our Exact Cloud Services department. It is also possible to run these solutions in your own cloud or, if you want full control, on-premise. Our professionals are happy to help with the implementation, of course.

Exact Cloud Services

Exact is an experienced European cloud solution provider. More than 675.000 companies rely on Exact's cloud for the management of their finances and business processes.

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Secure, scalable and simple

With software in the cloud, you have access to your most important data wherever you are. Your software is always up to date, well-secured and reliable. This allows you to keep an eye on your business processes from any workplace. Exact Cloud Services makes it possible to run your favourite solutions such as Exact Globe+, Exact Synergy and Exact Financials in the cloud too.

This means you are always assured of the latest updates and automatic back-ups and can work virtually anywhere. Furthermore, you needn't make major investments in hardware beforehand, for example, or build up your own expertise. Make the future-proof decision and get back to focusing on your operations again!

Amazon Web Services and Azure

Do you already have experience with your own private cloud environment and the management of Exact applications? If so, you can also choose to run our software through major cloud providers Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

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Your software in your own private cloud

Exact is part of the Amazon Partner Network. This means your Exact Globe+ and/or Synergy licence can be made to run efficiently in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. We have also made Exact software suitable for Microsoft Azure and available through Azure Marketplace. As long as you have the right expertise available, your Exact solutions will work just fine on these platforms. Our specialists can also help you with your AWS or Azure deployment, of course. Read more about our services.


On-premise software is software that is locally installed on your own servers. You must handle all the management and maintenance of both your software and hardware yourself.

Local installation on your own servers

When you opt for on-premise, you will only pay the full package fee once, after which you own the package. If you prefer to limit your start-up costs, we also offer an on-premise subscription, allowing you to pay a monthly subscription fee instead of the full amount in one go.

Our specialists can also help you implement our Exact solutions at your place of work, of course. Read more about our services.

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