Smarter working and sustainability on the agenda of Steeds Slimmer 2021

Smarter working and sustainability on the agenda of Steeds Slimmer 2021

If you are smart, you will continue to develop. And if you continue to develop, you will become ever smarter. That was the central theme of the online business event Steeds Slimmer 2021 – an Exact Live production. This credo certainly also applies to the thousands of visitors who attended the event from behind their laptops or tablets. The Steeds Slimmer event consisted of a lobby with a live radio DJ and entertainment hosted by Exact colleagues, an exciting opening show, a series of product sessions and a masterclass on happiness by the comedian, Guido Weijers. CEO Paul Ramakers kicked off the event.

Steeds Slimmer is also about making smart choices. Paul said that using our ever scarcer and, therefore, valuable time wisely is an important topic in people’s lives. Steeds Slimmer is also about sustainability, another topic we cannot ignore. Paul: "We need to take better care of our planet together. Exact wishes to grow and, at the same time, take on our broader responsibilities towards our customers and society. Our overall credo is 'less'." He told the visitors that Exact has set hard targets for emissions, energy savings and waste. It is critically examining its travel practices and the energy consumption of, for example, its data centres and at the head office.

Need-based innovation

Besides sustainability, innovation is also an important topic for Exact. In that context, Exact continuously listens to the feedback from its customers and the market. Paul: "We always ask ourselves: what can we improve, what is technically possible and how can we approach this in an ever smarter way? A good example is data: how can we use that data to make our users’ lives easier?"

Smarter working (from home)

Hidde de Vries, CEO of The Recharge Company, spoke to Florien de Nijs, CHRO of Exact, about how we are working (from home) in an ever smarter way. Their tale about the rapid development of technology over the last one hundred years shows how important it is to handle technology in an ever smarter way. Florien pointed out how important it is to separate your work life from your private life while working from home. Hidde advised people to ensure that they found a routine for themselves: "If you can, make sure your working day has a clear ending. Then you can start your evening programme."

Smarter innovation

Every organisation needs to innovate to stay successful. It is hardly surprising that the topic of innovation was discussed in more detail during an Steeds Slimmer meeting between technology and innovation expert, Deborah Nas, and Exact Chief Product Officer, Joep Hoeks. “Innovation is a continuous process at Exact”, Joep said. One important way of embracing innovation is agile working. Many organisations do this and it is also the approach adopted by Exact in many projects. “Making mistakes is allowed. It's all about giving trust and daring to let go”, Deborah added.

Turning setbacks into opportunities

It is very fitting that Marc Herremans was invited to this digital edition of Exact Live as a guest. This Belgian triathlete and motivational speaker shared the highs and lows of his life with the visitors. Twenty years ago, he was a triathlete and became paralysed from the chest down after a cycling accident during a training session. Marc’s lesson in life "Let go of the past, cherish the present and have, above all, a positive outlook on the future. Because the very best in your life is still to come."

Automation and robotisation

The latest product updates were announced in specific sessions for accountants and entrepreneurs. A lot of attention was paid to automation of robotisation, which made the credo of working smarter and more digitally even more concrete.

Today is the best day of your life

The event concluded with a masterclass on happiness by stand-up comedian, Guido Weijers: "So today is the best day of your life. After all, you are wiser than you have ever been and you are younger than you will ever be."

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