Exact continues to grow and wishes to attract new and diverse talent using 3D avatars

Exact continues to grow and wishes to attract new and diverse talent using 3D avatars

3D animation campaign with real Exacters visible everywhere

From creative minds and pragmatic doers to connectors and specialists, everyone is welcome at Exact. With its employer brand campaign featuring employees as 3D avatars, the Delft-based software company wishes to be to the fore when it comes to new talent looking for a job in the tech sector. Exact firmly believes in its ambition to grow and wishes to show that a range of talent really does have the chance to continue to develop. The human aspect is key in this regard.

Real characters in the spotlight

Developed in collaboration with Phunk, the innovative 3D campaign is a perfect fit for Exact's style – all the more so as real Exact employees are transformed into 3D avatars. Features have been added using visual effects to delve deeper into Exacters' personalities and show you how many different people work at the company. As an example, you can see thinker and powerwoman Marianne, who works as a developer in the Tech department, morphing into real-life Marianne on the website.

Florien de Nijs, Chief HR Officer at Exact: "Like other companies, we've noticed that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find new colleagues, which is why we're linking this campaign to who we are. Exact is about delivering software, but also about people and diversity among our staff, which makes us a strong team. This campaign celebrates our current colleagues (characters) as well as future colleagues who will make us even more complete." De Nijs continues: "We want to emphasise that we have a very diverse workforce – our colleagues work in 13 countries and cover 50 nationalities – and we give everyone the opportunity to develop and be the best version of themselves. Through this campaign, we want to show what it's like to work at Exact from a personal perspective."

Multi-touchpoint campaign

The campaign has been launched across all channels and is visible online via video, banners and homepage takeovers. Specific sectors are targeted on LinkedIn and Instagram, with a focus on talent acquisition. Offline, Exact is particularly active in the region with print ads in local newspapers, stickers on pool cars and a banner on the facade of the headquarters on the A13 in Delft. Tram1 between Delft and Scheveningen will also feature characters from the 3D campaign for two months.

Petra Vunderink, Head of Marketing Communications at Exact: "Our campaign 'Zoveel karakters, zoveel Exacters' lends itself to visually striking expressions, with the usual presence in the media through our own cars, our building on the A13 and a tram. Internally, we've already had a great response to the concept developed in-house. Our colleagues use the campaign statements on their social media channels, which proves to us that Exacters are proud of their enterprise and they're happy to recommend us as an employer."

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