Joep Hoeks, Chief Product Officer Exact, in conversation with Computable

Joep Hoeks, Chief Product Officer Exact, in conversation with Computable
Links with reporting tool Power BI, Microsoft Teams and Power Automate ... It should make it easier for SMEs to tailor their business software to their needs and give them more insight into data and results. In an interview with Computable, Joep Hoeks, Chief Product Officer of Exact explains more about it. A conversation about working more efficiently, flexibility and responding to business challenges.

Extending software without programming
In the latest premium editions of Exact Online, which has special editions for accounting, projects, commerce and manufacturing, SMEs can easily extend their software without programming. "With the additions of Microsoft apps to Exact Online, our customers can create better reports. They can also share data between different apps and easily customise the software to their own needs more easily," Joep says.

Converting data from Exact Online into reports
"Users can use PowerBI to directly extract data from Exact Online and turn it into reports. By doing so, they can also integrate data from other applications and configure flexible fields and put them into reports," Hoeks continued. The integration with the Office 365 suite in Exact Online also allows customers to directly access their own Exact Online data. In addition, users can collaborate within Exact Online via MS Teams. For example, by combining all people involved in a certain process or product into an MS Teams group."

Prioritising digitalisation in SMEs
Although software is ready to support SMEs, not everyone yet sees the benefits, according to the Exact SME Barometer survey: only four in ten SME entrepreneurs prioritise digitisation of their business. Yet half of SMEs think data analytics will lead to better decisions: 43% want to steer more based on data and are open to using new software tools.

"With the help of digitisation and data analytics, key challenges in SMEs can be addressed. For example, staff shortage is a big problem, automation is an important solution to get the job done with a limited number of people," Joep said.

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