Exact presents Premium editions of Exact Online for more flexibility and enhanced functionality

New editions of business software help SMEs and accountants to professionalise further and implement cloud automation

Delft, 9 May 2023 – Exact is set to launch the Premium editions of Exact Online, which will be presented at Exact Live on 16 May. These new editions of the business software offer more flexibility and enhanced functionality. This allows entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to support more advanced processes and have the opportunity to tailor the software to their own requirements. This provides SMEs with the right insights while enabling them to work more efficiently, deliver better performance and increase productivity.
Reducing costs, finding colleagues and working more efficiently are key business challenges for SMEs and their accountants in 2023. This is also evident from the bi-annual Exact SME Barometer survey, which will be presented at Exact Live on 16 May. SMEs can save costs and work more efficiently through automation with business software. Joep Hoeks, Chief Product Officer at Exact, explains: "The Premium editions of Exact Online can help with this. By using the new Premium Editions from Exact Online, companies are becoming more agile and productive and entrepreneurs can take the next step in making their organisation more professional."

Greater flexibility and process automation

“The market and our customers are enthusiastic about the functionality, stability and quality of Exact Online, which we offer entirely from the cloud”, states Joep. "However, we are also aware that customers are looking for more flexibility and control, so they can align the software with their specific business processes more closely without making concessions. The Premium editions of Exact Online are the answer." The new editions offer enhanced flexibility in the form of low-code functionality. This allows customers to expand the software and decide for themselves which information they wish to capture, before reusing it in the application – both in the standard functionality and automatically in the associated APIs.

No hands automation is a fundamental starting point in Exact’s product development. Joep adds: "This is extensively reflected in the Premium editions: the software offers data-driven automation, which eliminates repetitive administrative work. Customers decide for themselves which processes are automated and how the software should actively identify exceptions. For example, the user selects which offers, orders, purchases and sales invoices may be automatically approved and those which still need to be checked. This saves them a lot of time, which can be spent on service and added value for customers instead."

Users of the Premium editions also continue to benefit from the advantages of cloud software: automatic updates by Exact, 24/7 availability and the associated security and privacy standards.

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 suite

With the Premium Editions, Exact is also committed to working with partners. The Premium editions, for example, offer thorough integration with the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Clients can create their own reports with Microsoft PowerBI within their Exact Online environment. Direct access is also provided to the data in Exact Online, thus enabling customers to determine the content of their reports themselves. Users can also collaborate within Exact Online via MS Teams and use data from Exact Online within MS Teams.

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