Exact unleashes Summer ‘18 Release: focused innovation in Payroll & Cloud technologies

  • Strategic investment in Cloud through acquisition of Parentix, adding its leading cloud capabilities to the Exact portfolio
  • Launches Exact HR-Payroll Plus, comprehensive Cloud Payroll solution, fully integrated with Exact Globe and Exact Synergy

Delft (NL), July 3, 2018 – Exact, a leading provider of financial and ERP software for small to medium size companies, today announces its Summer ’18 Release. In this season’s line-up, over 200 innovations are introduced across the entire product portfolio. Most notably, Exact is expanding its range of cloud services and launching a new cloud payroll offering, fully integrated with the Exact Globe and Synergy product suites. In addition, the Social Collaboration functionality in Exact Synergy has been significantly enhanced to improve communication in more complex business environments.

The combination of the new Exact HR-Payroll Plus with Exact Globe and Exact Synergy makes Exact’s offering the most comprehensive business software suite for small and medium sized businesses in the Netherlands. Furthermore, Exact offers its customers the most comprehensive choice of software deployment mechanisms. Now providing three options; deploy on your own Cloud with the recently launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) edition, deploy on the Exact Cloud that includes the advantages of the newly acquired Parentix Cloud infrastructure and service, or run the software “on-premise” in your own IT environment.

Extended cloud capabilities for Exact Globe and Synergy

Exact today announced the acquisition of Parentix, a leading provider of cloud services in the Netherlands. A key driver for the acquisition is Exact’s dedication to invest in Cloud technologies across its entire portfolio. As a result, the Exact Globe and Synergy solution line-up now offers customers the ability to deploy in their own cloud via AWS, in the Exact Cloud or on-premise. The comprehensive choice of deployment options allows customers to select what best fits their business, security and performance needs. When using the Exact Cloud, customers will also benefit from access to additional cloud business applications and services like workplace management, Office365 and Skype for Business.  

Introducing Exact HR-Payroll Plus: a new, fully integrated Cloud HR & Payroll solution

Exact is increasing its focus, as a leading provider of HR and payroll solutions, with the addition of Exact HR-Payroll Plus for small to medium sized businesses. This adds a new cloud payroll solution, which fully integrates with Exact Globe, Synergy and Financials. Developed in partnership with, the leading payroll provider, Exact HR-Payroll Plus combined with Exact Globe & Synergy enables customers to control and manage all their HR, Payroll, Finance, ERP, CRM and BPM information from a single software suite, creating a smooth information flow for all business processes.

Social Collaboration 3.0 in Exact Synergy

The social collaboration capabilities in Exact Synergy have been further enhanced to facilitate efficient collaboration in complex business environments. Think of collaboration across departments, to multiple geographies and to a mobile workforce for instance. Social Collaboration 3.0 increases the relevancy and improves the experience of online interpersonal communications while the newly introduced News and Announcement features boost the efficiency and capabilities of Synergy as the integrated platform for internal communication and knowledge sharing.

Phill Robinson, CEO Exact Software, added “We are committed to increasing the rate of innovation for our Exact Globe & Synergy customers. As such, I am delighted to have completed the acquisition of Parentix, and its market leading cloud infrastructure and expertise, to support our customers who wish to deploy Exact Globe and Synergy in the Cloud. In combination with our brand new, Exact HR-Payroll Plus offering, we now offer the most comprehensive integrated business software suite – either in the cloud or on premise. It makes me very proud that with all product families combined we now serve over 400,000 businesses in the Netherlands, and I want our customers to know they can count on us to continuously deliver innovative solutions that make a difference for their business, every day.”

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