Exact introduces its Spring ‘19 Release

Exact helps customers invoice government agencies after the April 18 deadline by sending electronic invoices via the PEPPOL network directly from Exact Online.

Delft, April 2, 2019 – Businesses that deliver goods or services to government entities are in danger of their invoices being rejected and potentially left unpaid. Following the April 18 deadline, all government entities, other contracting authorities and special sector organizations in the Netherlands, must receive and process invoices electronically. With its Spring Release, Exact enables customers to send electronic invoices directly from Exact Online via the PEPPOL network, allowing them to continue to do business with governments.

Other eye-catching innovations in the Spring ’19 Release include the enhanced digital mailbox that enables accountants to process invoices faster and a mobile Android app that helps trade and manufacturing companies perform stock counting easily.

According to Exact CEO Phill Robinson, “Our Spring ’19 Release brings powerful innovations that enable entrepreneurs and accountants to do their work faster. By minimising manual work, we reduce the risk of error and play a positive role in company performance, which is central to our No Hands Accounting approach. Sending invoices electronically via the PEPPOL network corresponds with this approach. Moreover, our customers can continue to do business with government agencies much easier thanks to this development. There are several ways to send invoices electronically, but the best and most efficient is when it’s directly integrated into the accounting system.”

Approaching deadline for government agencies

As of April 18, 2019, all government agencies are required to receive and process invoices electronically. It’s an important step in the adoption of electronic invoicing, as only 2% of companies currently do it. When you receive an electronic invoice, you can easily make it payable by checking and approving it. If the invoice comes from a trusted sender, the processing can even be made fully automatic. Exact now makes it possible to send electronic invoices directly from Exact Online via the PEPPOL network, so invoices can get paid faster.

Additionally, the Spring ‘19 Release brings No Hands Accounting features that make completing accounting tasks in Exact Online faster and easier for entrepreneurs and accountants. Some of the most important developments are:

  • Approval of purchase invoices can now be done from the Exact Online App. Once purchase invoices have been approved, the outstanding item can be paid. Exact Online also offers a central overview of all purchase invoices. This oversight allows users to monitor status.
  • The Digital Mailbox has been improved for accountants, so it’s immediately clear who should pick up the invoice or how it should be processed further.

Simplification of stock counting at wholesale distribution and production companies

With the Spring ‘19 Release, Exact rolls out innovations specifically aimed at wholesale distribution and production companies, including the new app for stock counting, Exact Online Inventory Management. Stock counting can be a time-consuming and error-prone task. Companies that work with Exact for Wholesale Distribution and Exact for Manufacturing can minimise the margin of error with this new app. The mobile app for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play store and works with the Advanced and Premium editions of Exact for Wholesale Distribution and Exact for Manufacturing.

Other important innovations for trade and production companies are:

  • The next step in Industry 4.0: The capabilities to connect Exact for Manufacturing with other systems or machines are further extended. This allows users to exchange information like time registration and work orders.
  • Within Exact for Manufacturing Premium, the work order advice is calculated in the MRP calculation. From now on it is possible to round this advice to the standard batch size, so items are produced in the correct quantity.

Spring '19 release

The Exact Spring '19 release contains innovations for all Exact product lines. For a detailed overview of the Spring '19 release, click here.

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