Exact celebrates its 40th anniversary, marking four decades of leading the way in software innovation for entrepreneurs and accountants

Exact celebrates its 40th anniversary, marking four decades of leading the way in software innovation for entrepreneurs and accountants

From MS-DOS to Windows and from the Cloud to AI : Exact has been using  the latest technological developments for years to help entrepreneurs grow

Delft, 22 May 2024 – This year, software developer Exact is celebrating its 40th anniversary and thereby, forty years of innovative software solutions for SMEs and accountants. Since it was founded by six students in Delft back in 1984, Exact has become an expert in the international business software market with a particular focus on the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The software developer’s 40th anniversary marks a milestone in its ongoing mission to help companies achieve future-proof growth through the latest innovations.

“Pride. That’s what comes to mind when you ask me what I think of Exact’s anniversary,” Exact’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Ramakers says. “This milestone stands as proof of our reliability as a partner. For forty years now, we have been introducing innovative software solutions to help domestic and international SMEs and accountants optimise their business operations. And we are determined to continue doing so for many years to come. What is the secret to such long-lasting success? Our collaborations with customers, partners and colleagues. We are there for each other and act as constant sources of inspiration to each other.”

Automation in support of SMEs and accountants

The software development company experienced multiple shifts in technology in the past four decades. In 1984, only eight percent of households had a ‘personal computer’ and the ‘World Wide Web’ wouldn’t arrive for another five years. Pioneering inventions such as the internet and iPhone have since led to technological breakthroughs. Exact also made enormous advances during this period, all focused on the use of technology to support SMEs and their accountants through automation.

Paul Ramakers explains: “Exact and the world around us were both very different places forty years ago. We did our programming in MS-DOS. Our 1,200 customers received approximately 7,500 5.25-inch floppy disks containing our business software each year. Through the years, we have applied new technologies, launched software solutions, built platforms and created links. From Exact for Windows to Exact Online and from the Cloud to AI, we continue to innovate. At our main customer event, we will also go deeper into our use of the latest technologies such as AI to develop and optimise our cloud-based complete solutions.”

Celebrating success together

Anniversary celebrations will continue all year long with a series of special events that bring together customers, partners and colleagues, such as the big customer event Exact Live or Exact’s Partner of the Year event. “We are enormously grateful to all our partners and customers for their trust, whether they have just joined in or have already been with us for the full forty years. As an expression of that gratitude, the theme of this year’s customer and partner events is ‘40 years of continuous innovation’,” says Paul. 

Paul concludes: “In the coming year – and the years after that – we will continue to innovate our broad portfolio. Our product development department is larger than ever, and they and our other colleagues are committed to achieving further development and optimisation for our customers".
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