Connect all your branches worldwide with a single system

Exact for International Business helps you make all your growth plans come true. Our software offers you optimal support during cross-border operations. Thanks to forty years of experience, we are experts on doing business internationally. You are free to concentrate on your own business, as everything else is taken care of.

Optimal international support

When you have multiple branches abroad, that means taking differences in culture, language, local laws and regulations into account. All these factors can make doing business internationally quite complex. Exact's global ERP solution offers full international support through standardisation, uniformity and compliance.

The key benefits of Exact for International Business

Compliance with local laws and regulations, languages and currencies

When you do business across borders, you must deal with different cultures, complicated rules and legislative systems. Exact provides standard support for multiple languages, currencies, international bank formats and 30+ local laws and regulations. That way, you are always assured of local compliance.

Easy consolidation and reporting

When your information is spread across different systems and locations, it becomes harder to see how your company is performing as a whole. In Exact, all financial data, budgets and other data for all your (international) branches are linked to one central source. This provides you with an up-to-date overview of how your company is doing and makes it easy to create reports for your entire group.

Uniform way of working with one central system

How can you ensure effective international collaboration and give everyone access to the same information? Exact allows you to work with a single, centralised system for all countries. Employees at every location worldwide use the same information, in the same system and in the same way. Collaboration knows no boundaries.

Fast implementation

A lengthy wait to implement a new system is not what anyone wants. Get started quickly with Exact's standard solution. Thanks to our efficient implementation methods, we can easily create a set-up to suit your business. Furthermore, you will be assigned a single project manager or team for all countries. That means new entities and countries can be set up and rolled out in no time.

Optimal information security

Securing your business data and systems across all countries is crucial in times of cyberattacks and data breaches. Exact performs regular software updates and security checks to ensure optimal protection of your software and information. Working from the cloud, we handle all the cybersecurity, system requirements and technical management of your Exact products for you, so there's no need for you to deal with such matters yourself. 

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One point of contact for all your questions

Benefit from the global presence of Exact offices and partners.
Thanks to many years of experience supporting companies in international environments, Exact offers the best possible solution to doing business internationally, both centrally and locally, with a single supplier, single point of contact and single contract.

These businesses rely on Exact software

Exact has been supporting companies in achieving their international ambitions for forty years. Read about our customers' experiences:

  • Van Wijngaarden
  • Valk Welding
  • Tebodin
  • Yogi Tea
  • Qlip
  • Agrifac Machinery

Client testimonialsTRIGO

Exact is the heart of our financial processes. It meets our group requirements, as well as our local tax requirements. We now speak the same financial language worldwide.

Client testimonialsVan Wijngaarden

Finance, invoicing, inventory, manufacturing, CRM, projects and purchasing – everything is now connected and carried out within a single system. This works brilliantly for us. Despite the growth of the company our office still has the same number of staff, which is really saying something.

Client testimonialsValk Welding

We appreciate going with the flow of developments of an Exact standard package. This leads to a stable and continuous process. Exact is also a stable partner

Client testimonialsTebodin

With Exact Globe, we have been able to reduce our reporting time by 20%.

Client testimonialsYogi Tea

Quality requirements, warehousing and administration under control.

Client testimonialsQlip

As a dairy country, we’re already forerunners, but there’s still a whole new world to conquer. Exact’s software will help a quality control company such as Qlip to maintain this leading position even more effectively.

Client testimonialsAgrifac Machinery

The Exact solution is intelligently set up, our information overview becoming increasingly more accurate which in turn supports the effectiveness of our planning. It’s a piece of cake to review or update your production plans in Exact.


A comprehensive solution for growing and international organisations seeking to fully integrate their financial processes, across borders or within them.

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Exact does more than just provide software

We believe it is important for you to be able to benefit from our experience and expertise, too. Exact supports your growth and challenges, whatever happens.

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