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AKG Plastics Group brings together four businesses, each specialized in a specific sector of the plastics industry. AKG Polymers focuses on recycling and processing polypropylene. The second branch, AKG Hortiproducts, develops and produces plant containers. AKG Mouldings is an injection-moulding operation making a wide range of products, while Drain Products Europe is specialized in developing and selling products for water management. The company is based in Vroomshoop and employs around 100 people.

Since the implementation of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy, we've been able to save time equivalent to 1.5 FTE.

Former situation

AKG had already been working with Exact for DOS and a custom solution for around 15 years. The group’s aim was to further professionalize and automate their operations. Processes around quality control and item management at AKG Polymers in particular were no longer sufficiently well supported. Managing the processes with Excel was insufficient for the requirements around ISO, the international standard for quality management. Furthermore, the business was looking to cover as many of their processes as possible with standard software.

The solution

At the beginning of January 2012 the business stepped over to Exact Globe, with Exact Synergy following soon after. The combination allowed the company to bring their information management and quality processes to the next level, the software enabling the business to do away with their Excel methodology. Exact Globe supports real-time insight in, among other areas, stock, turnover and production quantities. This enables greater efficiency in their work. Using standard software has also made it easy to ensure the company always works with the latest updates, and is no longer reliant on expensive custom built solutions.


  • Expanded quality registration possibilities
  • Cost savings by using standard software in place of custom solutions
  • Better traceability thanks to expansion of the scanning system
  • Real-time insight into stock
  • Easy insight into business information, including via bespoke dashboards
  • 1.5FTE time saving and elimination of errors thanks to the automated entry of information
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