Qlip, located in Leusden and Zutphen in the Netherlands, is Europe’s largest milk and dairy lab. The company processes in excess of 15 million milk samples and carries out approximately 500,000 analyses of cheese, butter, milk powder and infant formula, among other things, every year. They analyse properties such as composition, quality and food safety. Qlip also carries out more than 13,000 audits and assessments throughout the entire dairy chain, from dairy farmers, transport and dairy processing right through to the store shelf. Qlip is an acronym for the activities it carries out, explains director Jan Bobbink: “Q is for quality, L for lab, I for inspection and P for process certification.”

Exact is a significant part of our dairy farm assessment system.

The problem

Qlip processes millions of milk samples and carries out thousands of quality checks on various dairy products every year. Processing this manually used to be extremely time-consuming.

The solution

Qlip decided to implement Exact Synergy, including modules for workflow management, CRM, document management and the interactive customer portal. They implemented Exact Globe for the invoicing process.


  • Huge time savings thanks to automation
  • Straight-forward data exchange via portal
  • Automatic and rapid invoicing.
  • Problem-free planning and processing of farm assessments
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