Van Wijngaarden

Van Wijngaarden was founded in 1929 in The Netherlands as a packing company for vegetable oils. For many years, the company was renowned for the superior quality of its ‘yellow gold’. Since then, Van Wijngaarden has grown to become an internationally renowned mayonnaise manufacturer, but the knowledge gained from their experience in oil still forms the foundation for their diverse range of mayonnaise.

Despite the growth of the company our office still has the same number of staff, which is really saying something.

Old situation

When Van Wijngaarden still worked in Exact for Windows, information circulated on separate lists, which led to errors. Work was carried out suboptimally, leading to incomplete and unreliable management information.

The solution

Almost all business processes are now consolidated into one system: Exact Globe. The fact that everything is coupled allows work to be carried out far more efficiently at Van Wijngaarden and management now has reliable information. In the future Van Wijngaarden will also do the planning with Exact Globe.


  • Better data recovery thanks to track & trace
  • Far greater oversight into processes
  • All information is now in one system and no longer in separate lists
  • Manufacturing has doubled – with only 10 people in the office
  • Good management reports
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