"Time flies when you’re writing software”

Wan Syazana, Software Engineer

I have a Bachelor of Information Technology from Multimedia University in Malaysia. As an undergraduate, I majored in Data Communication and Networking. During my undergraduate years, I got increasingly interested in software development.

"After lunch, we play games in the fun room"

As a graduate, I need to enhance and expand my talent and skills. Exact helps me to achieve those goals. I’m a member of the Horizontal UX team which focuses on user interface. It’s amazing how much a user interface can affect a system and the user. I have learnt that I need to analyze the product’s history and flow first, only then am I able to enhance the product and its efficiency.

We work according to the Agile methodology. I typically start my day checking my email and then I work on tasks prioritized by the team. These tasks can range from working on activities such as bug fixes to new features. I have lunch with my coworkers and then play games in the fun room, if work permits.

In the afternoon I am busy coding again. I accomplish the task I’m working on in the sprint, or perhaps fix a bug if we’re in the final week of the sprint. I enjoy listening to music with my headphones on. It helps me to get into “the zone” and focus on what I’m doing.

“Learning new things has always been a great motivator for me”

Each day I learn new things here. It’s great to work in a team with people who are willing to explain things to me and show me their ways of looking at a situation. I see every day as a learning opportunity and continue to develop my skills as a Software Engineer. At Exact there’s always someone to help you if you have any problems. We always encourage each other and discuss things together, there is a great spirit here!

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