Raja Ravindra
Senior Software engineer

“I found a job that fits my talent and is challenging at the same time,” he tells us. “I get to use a lot of programming languages and different technologies. I get to take part in the whole development process so I am challenged both with my technical skills and in working with the client to produce the right solution. I am learning all the time, which I love.”

Raja Ravindra lives in Amsterdam and joined Exact as a Senior Software engineer in 2019. Before moving to join the team in the Netherlands, Raja worked for Exact in Kuala Lumpur where it was already a stable company with more than 25 years in the Malaysian market

Raja plays an important role in Exact’s software engineering team, helping to develop new software, fixing bugs and working closely with Quality Engineers to ensure quality, performance and stabilisation of the products.

Developing professionally and personally

After graduating Raja wanted to find a role that would allow him to develop his technical skills while offering a workplace where he could collaborate with like-minded people in an innovative environment . He found both those things and more at Exact.

“My team at Exact is focused on helping to develop Enterprise Software and handling the service management module, implementing and maintaining multiple features. Implementation involves a lot of technical challenges and there is a lot of brainstorming and discussion involved. I get to work with a variety of technologies for the different UIs. Every project is a training opportunity and it works both ways. When I learn a new skill, I can pass on my knowledge to others. No project is the same and that keeps you on your toes.”

"What I like the most about working at Exact is that they trust me. That gives me the confidence and the drive to work even harder!"

Diversity driving creativity

One of the things that Raja enjoys most about working at Exact is the company’s diverse workforce. His team come from a wide variety of backgrounds and from countries across the globe. This helps to create a vibrant, inclusive and inspiring environment which is very motivating to Raja and his team mates. “The mix of different cultures and levels of experience is very inspiring. There is always someone around who brings a fresh idea to the table.

More than just colleagues

While Raja appreciates the opportunity to be trusted to work autonomously, he also loves the camaraderie at Exact and the emphasis on forming bonds with his team and other co-workers. The workplace is where you spend the majority of your life, after all.

“To be honest, we are more than just colleagues. After work we play sports and games together and go on day trips together. We work as a team and we play as a team.”

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