Mustapha Maanaoui 
Sales Executive New Logo

"To stand still is to go backwards."

As Sales Executive New Logo, Mustapha is the link between all the different disciplines involved in a sales journey. "I map out what type of organisation we are dealing with: what are their plans, what goals do they have, and how can Exact contribute to them? Subsequently, I come up with a solution concept, and I make sure the right people are aligned. I'm basically the spider in the web, making sure the process runs smoothly and successfully."

Goal getter

Mustapha started his career at Exact within the Inside Sales team but had a clear goal in mind from the beginning: to grow into the role of Sales Executive. "What helped me a lot was to engage with people who had been doing this role for years. I am always open to learning from others. And fortunately, within Exact, we are given the opportunity to do so. It is great to see that more and more initiatives are being taken to enable people to grow internally. For example, many vacancies are initially posted internally, and only later externally. In addition, many training courses are offered as well."

Talent Development

An example of such training is the Exact Talent Development programme, for which Mustapha was selected last year. "That was super cool. I learnt so much about myself. About balancing home and work, and how to combine the two. But also about dealing with others and how you can influence different situations. What moves people? Why do I do the things I do? How do you create a win-win situation? I am really interested in these things."

Always in motion

Constant learning comes naturally to Mustapha. "We spend so much time working in our lives. So I need to keep developing myself. Someone once said to me: standing still is going backwards, and I have always remembered that. Fortunately, Exact is a company that is always on the move. The organisation is continually changing, which means new opportunities arise constantly. I am not done learning here yet."

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