Contribute to Our Customers' Success

Over 550.000 business owners rely on Exact software. That's possible due to the excellent support they receive in setting up, adapting and applying our software. Our Customer Success team believes in going the extra mile to help our customers. Do you agree? We're always looking for colleagues to help us achieve that.

Team Players

Team players are in their element at Exact. Customer Support professionals, consultants and project managers collaborate here, both with each other and with external specialists. This is possible due to our fantastic working environment and allows us to provide our customers with the best possible support.

Kick-Start Your Career

Many of our colleagues started their careers as part of the Customer Support team. Thanks to the extensive training programmes and collaboration with various professionals, Customer Support is an ideal place to kick-start a successful career.


Our consultants use their knowledge and enthusiasm to help our customers deploy our business software successfully. That means their duties are varied. Whether you work on strategic development, process analysis or implementation processes, as a consultant you're involved in many different areas.

Customer Support Team Lead

For many of our colleagues at Customer Support, this is their first job. As practice and theory go hand in hand here, this department is a great place to launch your career. For instance, Liz learned an enormous amount about Exact's products during her first year at Customer Support and has now advanced to Customer Support Team Lead.

Customer Success Vacancies

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