Werken bij Exact

Working at Exact

Working at Exact means working on innovative new software solutions. Over 675.000 entrepreneurs and accountants appreciate your work. Opting for a job at Exact means opting to be in the lead. Whether you're a Software Developer, in Sales or Customer Support, Exact offers plenty of opportunities to make your dreams come true.

About Us

Originally the brainchild of six students in an attic room in Delft in 1984, Exact is currently one of the main players in the international business and financial software market. Exact operates in over a hundred countries. And although much has changed down the years, our core business remains the same: to make the very best business software. Our customers do business with confidence, based on accurate figures, and are free to concentrate on their own areas of expertise.

Company Culture

However diverse we all are at Exact, we do share certain traits. We rely on each other's capabilities and qualities and constantly motivate one another to surpass ourselves. Here's how we see it: our colleagues are there to help us, we look to build long-standing partnerships with our customers, and opportunities are there to be grasped. Yes, Exact aims to grow. And no, that ambition is no secret.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

We fully support and encourage our employees' desire to contribute to the (local) communities in which we operate. We give them the opportunity to volunteer during working hours, individually or as a team. We call these our Giving Back Days. Another example of our CSR policy is our Matching Funds, where we contribute to charities both large and small.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Exact, you can be yourself. We don't just say that, we mean it. You'll find colleagues of diverse nationalities, ages, cultures and religious beliefs here. We work in heterogeneous teams and men and women receive equal opportunities and equal pay. We also organise diversity-themed lunches. In this way we work to establish an inclusive environment that's a pleasant place to work for everyone.


We consider the environment in everything we do. We help our customers achieve their sustainability goals by reducing paper usage and encouraging electronic invoicing and digital workflows. We separate waste in the office, use motion sensor lighting in our meeting rooms and keep air and car travel to a minimum. Our employees also pick up litter in support of a cleaner environment ('Supporter van Schoon'). We do all we can to reduce our environmental footprint.

Your Needs

If you believe Exact is a hard-working company, you're absolutely right. But if you think that means the entire working week consists of nothing but sprints and deadlines, you'd be mistaken. After all, there's no work without relaxation! Both your body and your mind require breaks and an injection of energy from time to time to perform at their best.

That's why we offer a range of facilities to allow you to recharge your batteries either individually or together with your colleagues. We bet you'll be bursting with creativity again after a cosy chat in the atrium or a tasty latte from our espresso bar. For a real energy boost, have a healthy lunch in our restaurant or use an intensive workout in the gym to clear your mind. Just what you needed.

Espresso Bar

Get your barista training here and learn how to make the most delicious coffee, cappuccino and espresso for yourself and your colleagues.


Catch up with colleagues or maintain business relationships. Our central courtyard is an ideal location for a coffee or lunch meeting.

Friday Drinks

Let's toast the weekend! Every Friday you can finish off the week by enjoying drinks and nibbles with your colleagues.


Sometimes you just need to clear your head in order to return to your tasks re-energised. Get and stay fit in our very own gym.


Enjoy fresh and affordable lunches every day. Whether you're in the mood for a simple sandwich or a hot meal, there's plenty to choose from.

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