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A passion for software

We are Exact. Together with 2,000 colleagues, we build smart business software with passion and entrepreneurship. With our software, we help small and medium-sized companies and their accountants to optimise business processes. Everything we do is driven by our sense of corporate responsibility. Our focus is not only on sustainability, but also on increasing diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace and contributing to our customers, colleagues and society.

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About us

Exact is the leader in the international market for business and financial software. Helping companies grow, is our ultimate goal. We do this by helping small and medium-sized companies and their accountants automate business processes. We also offer industry-specific solutions for accountancy, trade, manufacturing, business services and construction. Find out how this works in daily practice on this page.

Our culture

At Exact, we all have our own unique character and we are proud of it! This is why we say: "So many Exacters, so many characters". We want you to be able to be yourself, regardless of your age, experience or education. Our most important value? That we work together with passion and dedication for the things we value at Exact. Discover all our company values below.

Keep Raising the Bar

We constantly challenge ourselves to exceed expectations. Individually, but certainly also together, as a team and as a company. This go-getter mentality has been there since we were founded. We are just very ambitious. So you won't find us resting on our laurels. There is always room for improvement.

Welcome Everyone

Diversity leads to creativity. We firmly believe in this. So we welcome everyone. As long as you are passionate, committed and involved, we would love to hear what you have to say. We judge ideas on content, not on who came up with them. Our differences are what make us stronger.

Always be learning

We believe there are always ways to improve yourself. There is always more to learn. To grow. Because the world is changing far too fast to stand still. So we strive for success and learn from mistakes. This mindset encourages us to be the best version of ourselves.

Work Hard Play Hard

Together, we work hard for success. And when our goal is achieved, we celebrate together. This way, we recharge ourselves to set and achieve the next goal. Additionally, expect unexpected things occasionally. Something spontaneous, just because we can. After all, life is more fun with a smile on your face.

Act Responsible

We do everything we can to uphold the reliable reputation we have built since our establishment in 1984. We think about the long term. So we make responsible decisions and ethical choices. We lead by example and do business with respect for each other, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Take Ownership

We keep our promises, you can hold us to that. And if we slip up, we roll up our sleeves and set it straight. This gives us positive energy and makes us proud of our achievements.

Creating value for each other and society

Everyone should feel comfortable in the workplace. However, we are also aware that what happens outside our organisation is at least as important. Exact is at the centre of society, which is why we consider it crucial to be involved in both our internal and external environment.


When you join us, we want you to feel welcome from the start. To facilitate this, we have created several programmes:

The Young Exact Network is a community of young professionals within Exact to encourage personal and professional growth. This is the place to make valuable connections and learn new skills in an informal setting.

Exact Cross Cultures is a platform to celebrate cultural diversity within Exact. Here, colleagues come together to learn from each other, create awareness, have discussions, and grow with each other.

Giving Back Activities

It is important to us that you can contribute to local initiatives that are close to your heart. Every employee is allowed to volunteer during working hours. Every year, you get three days to spend on a charity of your choice - that's many thousands of days we give back to society!


We think green in everything we do. One of our goals is to reduce our C02 emissions. To achieve this, we try to limit air travel as much as possible, we are electrifying our vehicle fleet and we have installed solar panels on the roof of our headquarters in Delft. On our website, we annually publish how we are meeting our targets.

The Exact Way of Working

Our offices are designed as the ideal location for meeting, working together and catching up. This can be done at the Barista Bar, in the living room corners, at one of the cosy get-togethers or during a vigorous workout in the gym.

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