Wan Syazana Wan Hamzah
Software engineer

“Exact motivates me to set goals and keep learning. For me it has been the perfect place to kickstart my career in technology.”

A love of bugs

Syazana has had a lifelong fascination with information systems and technology. She is a naturally inquisitive person and loves a challenge. It was clear from early on that she wanted to pursue a career in software engineering and structured software development processes.

“Bugs make me curious,” she tells us. “When I am presented with a technical problem, I can’t wait to find out what happened and work out what I can do to fix it.”

Syazana loves the opportunity to work in an agile and creative environment at Exact, with a focus on delivering the best possible service to customers. “We work in Scrum which helps me to organise my tasks well: finding solutions, fixing bugs and making customers happy motivates me.”

The space to grow and develop

The working environment at Exact has been instrumental in Syazana’s personal and professional development. “I started at Exact as a beginner, they gave me the space to grow, to make mistakes and learn from them. I gained the confidence and the strength to become the person that I am right now.”

Software engineering and technology in general move at a fast pace. Syazana’s natural curiosity and creativity have allowed her to thrive at Exact. She understands the importance of keeping on top of her skills development to make sure she can do the best job possible and feel pride in her work.

A collaborative and fun place to work

Syazana tells us how much she appreciates the collaborative working environment at Exact. “We communicate really well. Everyone always understands their responsibilities and how they can help each other best. It is easy to reach out to people - you just ask!”

The team that Syazana works with come from a variety of backgrounds and skills levels. “This brings a lot of new ideas and opinions to our projects and means we can help each other grow.”

Syazana also enjoys having the opportunity to get to know her colleagues after work. “I hang out with my team a lot, and also people from other departments, which is a great in such a big company. Last year we went on vacation together. This helps us get to really know each other and form bonds.”

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