Yael Shpak
Lead UX

“To keep on learning is to keep on enjoying my job.”

Yael started working at Exact as a UX designer 7 years ago. As the team grew, so did her responsibilities. Today she leads the entire UX team.

Learning culture

“Everywhere you look within Exact, there are people who encourage you to ask questions and keep learning. This learning atmosphere is ingrained in the company culture. You can just feel that there’s a lot of thought and effort put into it.”

Keep calm and keep on learning

“Each day brings new challenges at Exact. The diversity of the work can be demanding and requires you to keep on learning. I wouldn’t have it any other way because for me, to keep on learning is to keep on enjoying my work. I get a lot of energy from experimenting and trying new things.”

The only constant is change

The world of user experience design is constantly evolving. “ I’m lucky to have a great team of creatives. They inspire me and trigger me to continue to learn and grow. We go to conferences, take courses and participate in workshops.”

Learning by doing

This is the first time Yael works in a managerial position at Exact. “I’ve learned so much about leadership in the past few years. Exact provides a variety of courses, but a big part of it is learning by doing. Recently I was able to join the Exact mentoring program. My mentor works in an entirely different department and helps me with professional development and growth. I would love to serve as a mentor for someone else within Exact in the near future!”

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