Yudita Martomo
Software Engineer

"I'm still encountering new challenges."

Yudita Martomo has been working at Exact as a Software Engineer since 2002. She's currently programming the invoice gateway. This technology ensures that invoices pass straight to the recipient's accounting package from Exact Online. That eliminates the need for manual processing. "There's still room for me to develop even after 17 years." 

Yudita studied Electrical Engineering at Delft University of Technology. As a woman with a STEM background, she was soon hired. After a reorganisation at her first employer resulted in 350 developers losing their jobs, however, this woman from Zoetermeer decided to look for something a bit closer to home. In 2002 she started at Exact as a VB programmer. The great working environment caught her attention immediately. 

Visiting Mum in Jakarta

In the course of her career at Exact, she has acted as tech lead for the Development team in Kiev for two years and for developers in Kuala Lumpur for three. She led the team remotely, visiting in person twice a year. "Travelling to Kuala Lumpur was especially nice", says Yudita. "I'd always tack on a few days to visit my mum and brother in Jakarta."  

Highly Challenging

Yudita and her Delft team are currently working on new technologies: the invoice gateway and scanning and recognition technology, both in Azure. She finds this a great challenge, as it is much more complex than the other programming languages she works with.


"In my 17 years working here, I've continued to encounter fresh challenges. I'd be long gone otherwise." When asked what she does to relax, Yudita laughs heartily. "I'm fanatical about my work and besides coffee with my colleagues, I don't do anything in particular to relax. I do make sure I leave on time to be with my two young daughters, though." 

Harper's Bazaar

Yudita doesn't think about her work much when she's off duty. She loves to travel and is a great fan of Harper's Bazaar, the fashion magazine. "I like to read about working women and how they realise their dream careers."

So what's your next step in achieving your dream career?

"I'm developing myself in order to move on to a position as a software architect. That role concentrates on defined tasks for existing products. I'd be able to broaden my scope and explore how systems and components can interact. I think it would be a nice challenge. If you know what you want, Exact offers you support and room to achieve that."
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