Bring out the best you with Exact's My Development Journey

The way you work and learn is unique. To ensure that you make optimal use of your talents and focus on what energises you, we have developed the My Development Journey. A learning journey that you can adapt to your specific situation and ambitions, so it is optimised for your personal desires. That way, when you join us, you know that you can become the best version of yourself. Read on to discover what else Exact has to offer you.

Choose the track that suits you

We will explain how this works. First, we help you discover where your talents and strengths lie. Then you decide where you would like to develop further. Based on this, you choose one of the online tracks in the field of personal development or leadership.

These are the tracks you can choose from:

Leading myself

Discover where your talents lie, improve your well-being and learn how to build effective routines.

Organising my work

Develop your organisational skills in time and project management.

Collaborating with others

Learn how to communicate effectively and improve collaboration with others.

Guiding others

Become a natural leader and learn how to connect with people, help others grow and build a winning team.

Create your personal menu

The My Development Journey goes beyond the online tracks you follow individually. Throughout the year, we also offer a unique series of deep-dive training courses spread over several days, to be attended in groups (online or in person). In addition, twice a year we organise climb-up weeks, a programme packed with inspiring and instructive workshops, designed to give your skills a major boost. In other words, you can create your personal menu!

Determine your own north star and choose the right power skills and learning objectives to reach your destination. Specific moments of reflection allow you to look back and learn from your progress and new routines.

Always in motion

To make Benelux's most innovative business software, we have to keep moving. And we do so together. Whether you have just graduated, are re-entering the workforce or are a seasoned manager, we believe there is always room to grow. This is why, in addition to the My Development Journey, we also offer a learning path specifically for leaders: the My Leadership Journey. In this programme, our leaders work on their skills around managing teams, inspiring others and driving innovation and systematic change.

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