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When you join Exact, you can rest assured that you will be working for a reliable employer who has your interests at heart. Everything is well organised, boundaries and processes are clear (from your laptop to your terms of employment) and there is plenty of room for new initiatives. We may be big, but we certainly don't behave like a corporate. At Exact, your personal and business development never comes to a standstill, and we constantly challenge ourselves to exceed expectations. Individually, but also together, as a team and as a company.

Exact's Leadership Journey

Our Leadership Journey is a personal development journey. Based on a 360° Leadership Survey, you set your development goals and ambitions and get to work (in peer groups) on challenging experiments and reflection exercises. The program is designed to help you develop in the areas of Leading People, Leading Teams, Leading Yourself and Leading Change with Courage.

Opportunities for advancement

We encourage each other to keep learning because there are always ways to improve yourself. There are regular opportunities within Exact that you can seize to grow into a higher position or specialisation. Positions are filled internally before we recruit externally. And as a company, we are constantly developing, which means new positions and opportunities arise that you can tap into.

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