Kickstart your career

Are you looking for a great first step in your career? In an organisation where you can fulfil your ambitions and discover where your talents lie? Do you want to develop yourself? Exact is the right place to start.

Personal development

Exact is looking for young talent for customer support, sales, marketing and technology. Are you struggling to decide what sort of position would suit you, based on job titles and vacancies? Or are you not yet sure where your passion lies? We have roles in all our teams that are specifically geared towards starters and we will be happy to help you find the right starting position for your career. Wondering what your future looks like? You have full control over it at Exact! 

Your ambitions, our goal

When you get started, we’ve got your back. During your onboarding, we will teach you everything about Exact. Know-how on our products and training in communication, negotiation and skills. All for a smooth take-off.

But even once you are up and running, we continue to make sure you can develop yourself. So we organise summits, there are many different training opportunities and we offer interesting LinkedIn Learnings. You are given every opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills and thus grow to your next step.

Hybrid working

We want you to enjoy the convenience of working from home (remotely), and the benefits of working at one of our offices. That is why we have designed our offices to be perfect for meeting and working together or catching up. You can do this at the Barista Bar, in the ‘living room corners’, at one of the many convivial get-togethers or during a spirited workout in the gym.

Work hard, play hard

We are not averse to hard work, but we also love a healthy dose of fun. We are the first ones on the dance floor and the last ones to leave the party. We are also not averse to a bit of competition, whether it is in our ping pong match, workplace challenge or challenge on the padel court.

Will you join us?


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