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Send e-mails from pre-defined addresses in Exact Online

We’re happy to announce the general availability of a new feature regarding sending e-mails from Exact Online. With this new feature, it is possible to send e-mails from multiple pre-defined e-mail addresses. For each process, an address can be determined.

This new feature saves a lot of hassle for those companies that prefer to have e.g. their finance oriented communication sent from a different sender as e-mail coming from their logistics, sales or procurement departments.

Users will not notice anything new, until changing the e-mail address of their company in the maintenance section. From there, it will now be possible to maintain a list of addresses which you can choose from when sending mail. Adding new e-mail addresses can simply be done by clicking the 'New' button above the list. After a validation mail is confirmed, the new address is ready to use!

This feature was high on our user’s wish list, and is general available in all editions.

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Bram Streefkerk

Bram is een ervaren professional met een bewezen staat van dienst op het gebied van productmarketing, productmanagement en productontwikkeling, kanaalontwikkeling en indirecte verkoop- en marketingcommunicatie. Momenteel is Bram verantwoordelijk voor Exact's groothandelspropositie voor kleine bedrijven en het middensegment van de markt.

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