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Improvements for multiple legislations in the new service packs for Exact Globe

As of January 25, 2019 new service packs are available and can be downloaded for Exact Globe:

With these service packs Exact has brought many improvements in the legally required functionality for multiple legislations.


As announced earlier changes in Annual Forms of 2018 VAT reporting for Spanish are completed.


For German legislation: If you want to send your VAT advance return and summary report for January 2019 without using Taxonomy 6.1, you can already use ERiC in Product Update 416SP10 or 417SP2. If you want to send the year 2018 E-bilanz and summary report using Taxonomy 6.1, you must use ERiC in Product Update 416SP11 or 417SP3.

Belgium and The Netherlands


With this service pack we also improved the EInvoicing framework solution for Italian legislation. These improvements are mainly concern the consistency and the correctness of the XML FatturaPA format in return to the customers feedback.

Besides the improvements mentioned above, there are many more other improvements made available via these service packs.

You can find more information about the changes and the newly implemented functionality in the release notes of Exact Globe. Keep an eye on the support blog for the availability of the next new service packs, which are due in the beginning of March 2019. The focus shall be primarily set to implementing major enhancements in the solution of the NAV online invoicing system for Hungarian legislation.

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