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Feature update Exact Online for Wholesale and Exact Online for Manufacturing

Good news! We’ve released a few new features last few weeks for Exact Online for Wholesale and for Manufacturing. Based on customer feedback and the votes going along with that, we select those improvements that contribute most to the business advantages as indicated by you, our customer and user. This update provides a short overview of those new trade and manufacturing functionalities. If you have new ideas or additions to the released solutions below, please add a new idea in the community.   Financial insights – *Update* The newly released Financial insights pop-up (sea Spring Release 2018) now carries two significant improvements;
  • Enable the Financial insights popup for your entire administration. This setting allows you to enable or disable the financial insight pop-up during sales order entry, for your entire administration. You can reach this setting through the menu path: Company name/ Settings/ Tab: Sales order.
  • Enable Financial insights per customer. You can activate the Financial insights pop-up for specific customers, by making use of two settings in the account maintenance [Accounts, Customer, Overview]: - Set the credit limit to an the amount higher than 0,00. - Enable the check box ‘Check overdue invoices’.
It might be that either one of these options is not visible in the maintenance screen for that account. You can get access to these options by clicking the Configuration icon in the upper right corner while editing a Customer. Click on a Customer and click Edit. Then click the Configuration icon in the upper right corner, scroll to the Sales sections and change the visibility of both options.   Set delivery date based on Purchase lead time When purchasing items, the delivery dates of purchase orders always were set to the purchase order date by default, even if a Purchase lead time is defined for that item. With this new feature, Exact Online for Wholesale and Manufacturing sets the Receipt date for an order line based on the Purchase lead time as defined for that item. Example: an item has a Purchase lead time of 3 days, and is ordered on 2 October 2018. The Receipt date for the purchase order line is set to 5 October 2018 for that purchased item.   New fields available for Purchase order lay-out The following fields are now available on the Purchase order layout in both Exact Online for Wholesale and Manufacturing, for Advanced and Premium editions;
  • Order line: Net weight, Net weight per unit, Gross weight, Gross weight per unit
  • Item: Statistical code, Country of origin: code, Country of origin
  • Order header: Total net weight, Total gross weight
  Automatic generation of Serial/ Batch number during receipt To solve the case that serial numbers need to be entered manually during receipt, Exact Online for Wholesale and Manufacturing (Advanced and Premium) now support automatic generation of serial numbers at receipt. Please be aware of the following settings;
  • Delivery: to generate serial numbers at delivery, you can only use the setting ‘Serial numbers’.
  • Receipt: you can generate serial numbers either with both settings ‘Serial numbers’ and ‘Serial numbers mandatory’ checked, or only with setting ‘Serial numbers’ checked.
To check the setting, and to check if you are able to use serial number generation at delivery, receipt or both, go to the menu path: Administration name, Settings, Tab: Stock.   Original invoice number now available on the credit invoice layout The original invoice number can now be added to the invoice layout when creating a credit invoice. This field will only be completed when creating an invoice based on an existing, historic invoice.   For partners: RestAPI for goods deliveries now supports ‘assembly at delivery’. Using the RestAPI ‘SalesOrderGoodsDeliveries’ it is possible to create a delivery from an existing order. From now, partners can use this API to create assembled products, taking assembly at delivery into account when creating the delivery. This features now only supports ‘normal’ items, it is not available for Serial/ Batch items yet.
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