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Exact for Manufacturing - Goods receipts for linked shop order materials

When we purchase materials for shop orders we can apply either one of two available methods: we purchase based on the total demand and the current available stock, or we link the purchase to specific shop orders. In the second case, each receipt should be allocated to the respective shop order(s). A recent enhancement makes it easier to identify to which shop orders we should allocate the receipts.

Linked shop order materials

In the Overview | Shop orders we can select one or more shop orders and with the button Purchase (Materials) we create purchase orders that are linked to the selected shop orders:

Goods receipts for linked shop order materials

Via the menu path [Purchase] Receiving & returns, Create we select the purchase order and use the button Receive. The next screen shows in the column Shop order materials if and how many shop orders are linked to the purchase line. By clicking on this number we get to the screen Linked - Shop order materials:

Until recent we showed on this screen the shop order material plan (the number of the shop order with the number of the material line). This is often insufficient to easily allocate the received material to a shop order. By a screen customization (tool icon in the right upper corner) we can add columns for Shop order: Description (the description of the to manufacture product), Material line: Description (the description of the part that is manufactured from the material), and the Customer (linked to the sales order).

This enhancement is made based on customer feedback. If you have an idea you can report it to Exact support or submit it via Support, Ideas (NL and BE only). You can also vote there on ideas submitted by other customers. We try to realize frequently liked ideas early.

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