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Autumn '21: New options in Expense Management

New options in Expense Management

Exact is constantly innovating so we can help you achieve your ambitions in the best possible way. We have also introduced a lot of innovations in our Expense Management solution. Discover the new possibilities we have in store for you.

New Business Rules for Fraud Detection

We have been focusing on the improvement and strengthening of business rules recently. We have added three new business rules, based on:

  • Day of the week: Allows administrators to mark or block expenses incurred during the weekend, for example, as these are unlikely to be work-related.
  • Merchant Category Code: Allows administrators to mark or block transactions related to specific MCC codes. MCC codes are four-digit numbers used to identify companies according to the goods or services they provide, such as 7273. (Dating Services).
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  • Number of kilometres/daily allowances: This allows administrators to restrict the number of kilometres or the number of daily allowances an applicant can declare in a single day. For example, if a person submitting a claim includes an allowance for working from home for a certain day, the administrator can prevent that person from also claiming a travel expense allowance.

Security improvements

    • AWS web application firewall: To improve our system security against possible external influences, we have implemented AWS Firewall, which filters all incoming traffic and blocks or allows calls based on a series of predefined security rules.
    • Superuser refactoring: We have fragmented the superuser role. It is now divided into different roles with different security levels. This allows us to reduce the number of internal users with full access to read and edit customer data.
    • Twinfield OAuth 2.0: Twinfield has recently changed the authentication requirements for external applications such as Exact Expense Management. The application now meets the specified requirements.

Project-based approval

A project-based approval policy is very much in demand. When customers import new projects, they can now create business rules in one go. Some smaller improvements have also been added. For example, when a project is deleted, the corresponding business rule is also deleted.

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User interface improvements

We have created a hierarchy in table actions: primary actions (e.g. adding an expense) are permanently displayed, whereas secondary actions (e.g. copying or deleting an expense) are available through an action button.

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Per diem improvements

You can now make a distinction between persons making a claim in terms of the daily allowances they are allowed to see. Administrators can allow and refuse specific daily allowances for specific users. This means that when people want to claim a daily allowance, they will only see the allowances they are allowed to see.

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Administrators can also create business rules based on the number of daily allowances the person can claim for the selected period, for example for a single day.

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New Expense Management Admin Dashboard

We previously told you that from the end of June the Admin Dashboard (user dashboard) is available to Expense Management Plus or Premium users. Admin now offers quick insight into business expenses. 

This makes it essential for every Admin, offering:

  • Greater control over your cash flow
  • Faster charging for project-related costs
  • Faster detection of outliers
  • And much more!

Please note: To get the most out of this dashboard, we recommend that you open it in Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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Autumn ’21 Release

Chaque trimestre, nous vous informons des dernières innovations et développements concernant nos produits. Vous pouvez ainsi tirer le meilleur profit de votre logiciel Exact. Découvrez toutes les innovations que nous avons présentées dans l'Autumn '21 Release.

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