Welcome to a world of operational excellence as standard

Stay ahead in a fast-moving market

Your food business is built on quality through each and every aspect of your operation. Your drive to deliver consistent excellence in the quality of your products.

Maintaining that level can be a challenge in today’s market. The customer requires increasing speed in your ability to scale production or supply up or down. That means pressure on your purchasing and stock control. More white labels, fluctuations in raw material prices and fleeting consumer trends demand huge flexibility, while increasing legislation around safety and compliance mean every detail at every moment must be accounted for.

Exact software is built to meet these challenges head on. One integrated system delivering the food industry operational excellence as standard.

Exact Globe and Exact Synergy are the basis of Exact for the food industry

Boost the efficiency of all your processes

The food industry demands a unique blend of flexibility and control. The flexibility to react to changing customer and market demands, and the control to ensure that in a highly regulated environment, the quality and safety of your products are never in doubt.

Lean processes are the basis, automated for complete control and real time insight at any moment. Exact’s integrated ERP and BPM solution offers a unique approach to process optimization and management. One solution for every process through your entire business chain. Make OPEX your new standard.


Experts in food manufacturing, wholesale and distribution

  • Optimal deployment with MRP and capacity planning
  • Stock control and warehouse management
  • Barcode scanning for order picking and registration of goods received, stock counts and issues
  • Exception management for perishable goods
  • Quality control and batch track and trace through the entire supply chain
  • Signalling and alerts around expiry dates or delivery risks
  • Extensive reporting and integrated business analytics
  • Recipe and certification management
  • EDI and customer/supplier portals

The key benefits of Exact for Food Industry


Workflow and alerting functionality integrates with ERP batch data for total traceability, optimal risk management and proof of ISO compliance.


In-built quality control mechanisms and sampling/certification management. Deliver exceptional quality, consistently, even across multiple different product runs.


All stakeholder contacted with speed and accuracy. Leverage portals and EDI integration to make Just In Time a reality.


Complexity made simple. Control and insight across multiple batches, suppliers, ingredients, recipes, prices, packaging materials and more. Respond quickly when the supply chain demands it to protect your margin.


Deal with private label jobs, niche products, delivery irregularities and smaller batches. Integrated WMS and barcode scanning makes smart stock control and dynamic purchasing a reality.


React quickly to the (un)expected. Alerting and signalling make product or ingredient expiry visible before lead times can hurt you. Integration with warehouse and supply chain management turns visibility into action fast.


Understand every exception every time, and react fast. No matter how complex your production environment, Exact reporting and analytics ensure issues are identified and remedied before they become problems.

  • Atkins
  • Holiday Ice
  • Yogi Tea
  • Tebodin
  • Agrifac Machinery
  • Qlip

Client testimonialsAtkins

Thanks to Exact, we save countless hours and dollars. We run our unit with high levels of efficiency, eliminating unnecessary manual work, time delays and human error. Our reporting is accurate, our staff are happy and our centralised systems enable us to provide our customers with a first-class service. Just brilliant!

Client testimonialsHoliday Ice

Exact is modular, so if we need something we can simply purchase it. That makes it transparent and scalable, matching our changing company size and needs. With our new solution, we’re more reliable than ever before.

Client testimonialsYogi Tea

This is how Yogi Tea manages millions of bags of tea around the world. Exact helps us to meet the strict quality requirements set by the FDA and other authorities.

Client testimonialsTebodin

With Exact Globe, we have been able to reduce our reporting time by 20%

Client testimonialsAgrifac Machinery

It's a piece of cake to review or update your production plans in Exact. The solution is intelligently set up, our information overview becoming increasingly more accurate which in turn supports the effectiveness of our planning.

Client testimonialsQlip

Exact is a significant part of our dairy farm assessment system.

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