Exact Partners

Exact has an extensive partner network of resellers, accountants and developers. Together we can offer our customers the best solution that meets their needs. Our partners are our trusted advisors to guide you through your business automation process, develop additional functions that meet your needs, offer accounting assistance and more. On this page you can read all the possibilities of our partner network.


Look for a reseller

The Exact resellers help you tailor and implement the Exact-software to fit your specific business requirements. Each of our resellers has a unique combination of expertise, skills and services to provide the solution you need. From pure Exact expert to market specialist with complementary solutions, our resellers are your trusted advisor in Exact software.

Become an Exact reseller

Are you interested in selling solutions designed by Exact and/or do you have supplementary products, software or business services that we can integrate into our solutions? We'd be pleased to work with you on this.


Become an Exact Add-on Partner

Add more value and reach more customers with your own software. Use an add-on to connect it to Exact Online. Developers are granted free access to Exact and our APIs. You can also contact us if you require assistance and visit our Add-on Centre. Product integration makes it simple for our customers to connect your add-on in just one mouse click.

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