Atkins Nutritionals is a global organisation, dedicated to weight management and healthy living through the promotion of the Atkins Diet and wholesale distribution of a nutritional product line in more than 30,000 retail outlets throughout the world.

Met onze nieuwe oplossing zijn we bedrijfszekerder geworden.

The challenge

In 2008, Atkins expanded its International business operations into Australia and New Zealand. Today, Atkins products are distributed through large retailers such as Coles and Woolworths, but also smaller retailers too. To launch successfully, Atkins needed a software solution that would support a complex business model and their demanding needs around data accuracy and advanced reporting. Exact software had been successfully adopted by the business in Europe and Atkins were confident that it would serve the new business unit, just as well.

The solution

Exact Globe was implemented at Atkins ANZ, providing the startup business with a centralised platform for a highly efficient and automated operation. The team also decided to add-on the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) module, to further enhance their capabilities, supercharge efficiency and ultimately deliver a premium customer service.

The highlights

  • Elegant batch-tracking for accurate stock control, quick response and minimised wastage
  • Powerful customer clustering capabilities
  • Cross-currency business reporting in Euros, US dollars and Australian dollars
  • Fully automated customer pricing and invoicing
  • Intricate financial tracking and reporting
  • Ability to run complex system queries, based on a myriad of criteria
  • Advanced customisation abilities to meet complex distribution requirements
  • Single view of each customer, supporting easy categorisation, segmentation and reporting
  • Centralised storage of data, accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Tiered system access, in line with roles and responsibilities.
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