Discover the Exact Online prices

Exact Online gives you everything you need in a single integrated online package. In addition to accounting and CRM, we provide specific solutions for your industry. Around 550,000 entrepreneurs are already making their aspirations a reality with Exact Online.

Financial solutions

Exact for Accounting

Find out how easy online accounting, CRM, bank feeds and invoicing can be.

Monthly subscriptions

$ 19 - $ 29

Exact for Accountancy

Complete administration management in collaboration with clients.

Monthly subscriptions

$ 69

ERP solutions

Exact for Wholesale Distribution

Order, relation and stock management. Optimise your margins.

Monthly subscriptions

$ 109 - $ 249

Exact for Manufacturing

Calculation, planning and production. Modernise your firm.

Monthly subscriptions

$ 189 - $ 329

Exact for Time & Billing

Time tracking, invoicing and CRM. Every hour recorded on an invoice and a healthy cash flow.

Monthly subscriptions

$ 69

Exact for Project Management

Gain insight into your projects at all times and increase the number of declarable hours.

Monthly subscriptions

$ 139 - $ 179

All prices are per month and excluding VAT. All payments - including those for extensions - are made by direct debit.

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