Cymer was founded in 1986 in a garage in San Diego, USA by three young guys. From the start, they focused on laser technology, a sector which was undergoing massive development. The company grew quickly, and came into contact with ASML as a client in the early 1990s. In 2013, this relationship developed into a collaboration thanks to a merger between the two parties. Cymer is currently a top player in the area of light sources that are used in machines used for the manufacturing of computer chips. Direct clients of Cymer are the manufacturers of these chip machines, such as the internal client ASML, but Canon and Nikon are also major customers. Indirect clients are the parties which purchase the chip machines to subsequently produce chips themselves. Cymer offers service to these clients, as well as maintenance for the light source. Think here along the lines of Samsung and Intel. Developments in this semiconductor industry proceed rapidly and chips are becoming increasingly smaller and more powerful. This requires constant innovation when it concerns the light sources that are needed for this.

Exact’s private cloud offers us a significant number of advantages.

Old situation

There were four problem areas for Cymer in Europe: hardware and remote support for Exact Globe, ageing operating software and database software due to insecurity about impact of updates.

The solution

Cymer decided to transfer the financial software to Exact's private cloud.

The benefits

  • No more hardware required
  • No worries about updates
  • No worries about back-ups
  • Transparent costs
  • Good performance
  • Working from home
  • Accessible for external stakeholders
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