Security Awareness and Communication

Exact takes security seriously as we work together to develop and provide secure software services to customers, partners and internal users. As security is a shared responsibility, we have various internal initiatives to provide and strengthen security awareness among employees.

Security e-learning

As part of the new joiners training, new Exact employees receive a presentation on Security & Privacy and need to complete the information security e-learning as part of the security learning plan. This way we make sure we are all aligned when it comes to security.

Phishing tests

To train Exact employees on recognizing and reporting phishing emails, we regularly send out test phishing emails. As landing page for these emails, we have tips on how to recognize phishing emails and how to report them. Additionally we offer them phishing training to learn more about the different kinds of phishing and how to spot them.

Security and Privacy Network

Within Exact we even have our own Security & Privacy Network, that consists of security-minded employees from all parts of the organisation, for which we organise events and presentations on security and privacy.

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