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Request access for the Exact customer portal

Please note!!!

If you have an Exact Online subscription, there is no need to apply for the support portal, as it is already added to the Exact Online environment by default.

The main contact* within your organisation can grant you access with the following steps:

How do I give my colleagues Portal credentials?

As the main contact person, you manage who has access to the Support Portal. You can give colleagues access with the steps below:

  1. Log in with your own login details on the Support Portal.
  2. Go to the 'My Account' tab.
  3. Scroll down to 'Contacts'.
  4. Click on 'New' to add a new contact, or click on an existing contact.
  5. Enter the new details of the contact person here, or complete existing details.
  6. At 'Portal information', tick the box 'Portal Access' to grant access, click on 'Save'.
  7. An automatic e-mail will be sent to the specified e-mail address with portal credentials.

How do I change the main contact?

If you are not the right main contact person, you can assign this role to one of your colleagues by following the steps below:

  1. Log in with your Portal credentials on the Support Portal.
  2. Go to the 'My Account' tab.
  3. Scroll down, on the right side you will find 'Account management'.
  4. Click on 'Edit my account'.
  5. Click on 'All' at the top right.
  6. Click on the name of the contact person that you want to make your main contact person, or create a new contact person via the 'New' button, fill in the details and save. Click the name of the new contact.
  7. Click on 'Edit'.
  8. Check the 'Main' box under 'Contacts'.

Important: As soon as you save the change, only the chosen main contact can change it again.

* Exact is not allowed to disclose any information about this due to the privacy policy.

Exact will contact the main contact person within your organisation for approval.

This process can take several days.

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The benefits of the Support Portal:

  • You can find an answer to your question anytime, quickly and easily via the Knowledge Base
  • With the different Training tracks you can immediately increase your knowledge at any time that suits you best
  • Access insight into your invoices & licences
  • Find extensive product information
  • Always the latest product updates and news
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