Cancelling licence and/or maintenance agreement

Enter the form below to easily cancel your maintenance and/or licence agreement with us. Keep in mind that after cancellation of the maintenance contract you can no longer enjoy the benefits of this agreement. The benefits of this agreement are:

  • Software updates
  • Use of the helpdesk
  • Use of the Customer Portal
  • Favourable terms when switching to new product lines


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Why do we ask for this information? Exact uses your personal information exclusively for research, marketing and sales purposes. By this we mean personal contact via telephone, e-mail, (offline) mailings and / or other internet channels.
Read more in our Privacy Statement.

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What do you want to cancel?

  • License agreement
  • Maintenance agreement

If you cancel the maintenance agreement, you can continue to use the software. If you cancel the license in addition to the maintenance agreement, the right to use the software expires. When you cancel the annual license fee (user fee) for Synergy, the user right is terminated.

Termination type

  • Complete agreement
  • Part of the agreement

Partial cancellation

Specifies here which modules you want to cancel. Specify the numbers when canceling administrations and / or users.

Download data

If your agreement with Exact is terminated, you have the possibility for certain Exact Services to download all data up to the last day of the agreement. These datafiles are provided in open format and are accessible with free tools. In addition, various export formats (csv and xml) as well as api’s may be available to export data. Please make sure to export or download any data you might need in the future ultimately on the last date of the agreement. Please note that Exact is not subject to any (statutory) retention period for data entered by you.

Please note!

It is not possible to cancel your Exact Online subscription using the form below. You can find information about cancelling Exact Online on this page.

Upon completely entering the form, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by email. If you have not received this, please contact our customer service department on

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