Welcome at the Exact Learning Center!

As of 2017, all Exact partners have the possibility to access the Exact training offering via our new online training platform: the Exact Learning Center (ELC). In this online environment you can acquire all the market and product knowledge you need via our self-study courses, anytime and anywhere. Via this platform Exact would like to share all our knowledge in a quick and easy to access way with all our partners worldwide.

Access to the environment will be based on a subscription model. This means that you as an Exact partner have to request access to the ELC for individual employees, for a fixed amount of € 315,- per person per calendar year.*

The Exact Learning Center is a Learning Management System which has been designed to offer and track training programs. All Exact partners can request access to the Exact Learning Center, including access to the training programs and materials.

The Exact Learning Center offers:

  • A personalized learning environment.
  • Insight in your personal training history.
  • An overview of the training courses you still need to attend.

You will be able to easily find all available training courses, see which courses are meant for you personally and which courses and certifications you have already completed. Clear overviews of available training courses will give insight into all the possibilities to develop yourself professionally. The Exact Learning Center enables you to set goals together with your partner manager, based on the training courses which are created for the different roles.

As a partner, the Certification Tracks enable you to:

  • Develop your knowledge of Exact's solution portfolio in a logical and structured way.
  • Become a proven expert of Exact's solutions.
  • Structurally improve your team’s solution and market knowledge.
  • Provide your employees with a clear plan and guidance for their personal development (in the area of product/ solution).

Access to the environment will be based on a subscription model. This means that you as an Exact partner have to request access to the ELC for individual employees, for a fixed amount of € 315,- per person per calendar year (2021)*. All online trainings and exams are covered by this single subscription. This subscription will be renewed automatically each year, to make sure you have continuous access to the Exact Learning Center. Please send an e-mail to learningcenter@exact.com to unsubscribe.

The Exact Learning Center enable Exact partners to work towards a number of certifications based on their knowledge of Exact’s corporate product lines (solutions) and target markets. The Certification Tracks have been divided into three levels:

Level 1: Insight
Level 2: Essentials
Level 3: Advanced

Get started!

The Certification Tracks consist of a wide variety of learning experiences and accompanying tests (e.g. digital learning, classroom courses, research assignments, theoretical exams, implementation exercises, etc.).

All of these materials are available in the Exact Learning Center. Login and check what we already set up for you in your Training Records > Current Learning Modules. Or check out the Catalog for our entire offering

The Business Solutions self-study tracks are aimed at partners who work together with our business unit Exact Business Solutions. The self-study tracks focuses on the products Exact Globe and Exact Synergy and their target markets, plus related products. Check out the information below, which provides an outline.

Do you have any questions about our new Learning Center?

If you have any questions about what our Exact Learning Center has to offer, please let us know. Your partner manager will be able to help you!

* As of January 2022 the costs for access to the ELC will be a fixed amount of € 340,- per person per calendar year.

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