CEO Paul Ramakers: "Our local focus is our strength"

Paul Ramakers: "Our local focus is our strength"

Moving from international to local: it may seem like a step backwards, but for Exact it is a conscious step and one forward. This week Paul Ramakers, Chief Executive Officer, was interviewed by De Telegraaf, key Dutch newspaper, journalist Wouter van Bergen. The interview is about Exact’s growth strategy and the local focus of the company. Because that is what Exact wants to profile itself with, the commitment to the local community, in which the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) customer that Exact serves is rooted. "We want to make impact," says Paul.

Be of value for entrepreneurs

Although Exact's strategy has changed, its ambitions have remained the same. Paul continues: "We still want to grow and double our 2019 revenue by 2024. We will achieve this growth both organically and through acquisitions, but our focus is now on the Benelux. International companies who want to be active with their products in all of Europe usually focus on large companies, while the SME market for business software continues to be served by local champions who know their way around local regulations and banking." And that is exactly what Exact wants to be, a local champion that differentiates itself by adding value to entrepreneurs.

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