Exact presents its Winter ’24 Release: improved automatic invoice processing and office management software

New features offer enhanced flexibility and an improved user experience

Delft, 29 February 2024 – Software developer Exact’s annual Winter ’24 Release contains significant upgrades and new features for Exact users. The upgrades in this release are designed to optimise financial administration and create more flexibility in financial management. Users can streamline workflows and increase efficiency thanks to several updates, including an expanded current account feature and new payment options in the Exact Online mobile app.

“At Exact, we believe technological innovation goes hand in hand with a human approach. By automating simple, repetitive tasks, we can lighten workloads and provide space for creativity. We are investing heavily in creating an improved user experience, so our users can benefit from dynamic platforms that really make a difference,” states Chief Product Officer Joep Hoeks.

Payments made simple with the Exact Online app

Exact Online users now have the option to use the mobile app to make payments. Previously, it was only possible to make payments via the web application. Paying with the Exact Online app allows users to manage their finances with more flexibility and convenience. Users can now pay for outstanding items from their mobile phone at any time, wherever they are, with ease.

Accounts receivable management added as a standard Exact Online feature

The former Exact Online accounts receivable management add-on is now a standard feature within Exact Online. Users who work with Exact Online Accounting Plus, Professional and all sector-related ERP solutions now have access to this feature.

Exact’s annual SME Barometer survey shows that many entrepreneurs have trouble getting their sales invoices paid on time. What's more, they have to contend with a high administrative workload. Accounts receivable management is an intuitive and proven solution to these challenges. It gives users the ability to send fully automated reminders with the help of AI, which determines the right time to send them, the content of the message, and the number of times the person should be contacted.

A consolidated overview of all purchase invoices

With the recent launch of an updated purchasing overview, users now have access to all purchase invoices – including those that have not yet been posted – in one central location.

The updated purchasing overview presents all purchase invoices on a single page regardless of status, thereby improving users’ insight into their invoice processing. There is also a new tab with all invoice documents stored for easy access, ensuring users know immediately which actions still need to be performed.

Exact Online Office Management for accountants

Exact Online is also introducing Office Management Essentials, which optimises interactions between accountants and their customers. Thanks to cleverly organised information on a central homepage, accountants save time searching for the right information and context. Whether a user is looking for customer data, notes or ongoing work, they have instant access to all the information they need to get to work.

Moreover, Exact Online Office Management Essentials can be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint Online, allowing users to benefit from an advanced document management system that promotes collaboration and streamlines workflows. Exact Online Office Management is evolving all the time. Later this year, Exact will be launching the Plus edition in addition to Essentials. With this edition, the software developer puts users in full control of their activity planning and progress monitoring. This allows them to oversee all their business processes.

Improved financial administration with direct reconciliation of outstanding items via bank or cash

Good news for Exact Online users who work with multiple structures: the current account feature for purchase and general journal entries has been expanded. From now on, users can also reconcile outstanding items for the relevant company directly via the bank or in cash. With this new feature, financial professionals can streamline their accounting processes and manage them more accurately.

And that’s not all. The in-bank current account feature now also offers direct entry options for those who receive payments intended for a related company. This allows financial professionals to respond even faster and more accurately when receiving payments for multiple companies. These innovative additions make it easier to manage financial accounts as well as more effective.
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