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CEO Paul Ramakers and Chief Product Officer Joep Hoeks share their vision for the future

Leuven, 17 November 2023  Yesterday Leuven's Brabanthal was the site of Exact Live, the business event of the year that brings together SMEs and accountants. Software developers Exact presented the latest innovations in business software. During a keynote session led by Hanne Decoutere, Exact CEO Paul Ramakers and Chief Product Officer Joep Hoeks shared their views on developments and challenges in the SME market. They also showed how software can help entrepreneurs and accountants respond more easily and make them more agile. Noted speakers such as Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere and Cedric Dumont provided additional inspiration.

With an elaborate programme of interactive knowledge sessions, interesting speakers and a hall full of experts, Exact Live proved a day of inspiration, knowledge sharing and encounters. Topics such as artificial intelligence, data-driven work and corporate responsibility were all on the agenda, and of course there was also plenty of room to take software skills to the next level with various training options. During the informal closing session, (former) cyclists Sven and Thibau Nys talked about the similarities between business and top sports and Belle Perez provided musical atmosphere.

CEO Paul Ramakers: “Business challenges increase need for automation”

“Business is all about foresight, but that can be tricky with so many new developments cropping up all the time,” said Paul Ramakers during the keynote session. “Inflation, the tight labour market, technological innovations such as AI and corporate social responsibility. These are topics that concern us all. I notice this when I talk to the people around me, and the figures from the Exact SME Barometer survey we commissioned in the spring confirm these trends.” 42% of SMEs consider working more efficiently their biggest challenge this year. Paul: “Of course, automation can help with that and also make entrepreneurs and their accountants more agile. Every day, more than 600 of our colleagues at Exact are at work on the development of new and existing software products, allowing us to offer solutions that further optimise the business operations of entrepreneurs and accountants.” Innovation is an important element of Exact’s strategy, as are its partnerships. We invest heavily in those, as we value our partners’ local knowledge and expertise.”

CPO Joep Hoeks on Exact Live

Leading the ERP software market thanks to clear product vision

Chief Product Officer Joep Hoeks followed up on the keynote address with a discussion of the software solutions Exact offers entrepreneurs and accountants. Besides accounting software, Exact also leads the market in ERP software. “Our ERP software offers entrepreneurs in trade, manufacturing, professional services and construction an integrated solution for their operational and financial processes”, said Joep Hoeks. "That includes, for example, software for order and inventory management, digital warehouses, warehouse management, construction projects or consultancy firms we use to connect the office environment and shop floor. Around 10,000 companies are already using our ERP solutions.” He also presented Exact’s product vision, highlighting the four principles on which the company relies when developing business software. User Experience occupies a key role. “It makes it much easier for entrepreneurs and accountants to embrace technological innovations and use smarter automation, so their hands are no longer tied and they can focus on their passions,” says Joep Hoeks.

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