Exact launches new digital employee with Exact RPA

Exact RPA

New function automates repetitive actions within Exact Synergy to save time and prevent manual errors

Delft, 1 September 2020 – Entrepreneurs are on the lookout for digital solutions that save time and money, especially as the corona pandemic has accelerated digitalisation in SMEs. To help meet this need, software companies Exact and GLM Systems are introducing a collaborative solution that automates repetitive actions within Exact Synergy, which were previously done manually.

With Exact RPA (Robotic Process Automation), entrepreneurs and their employees no longer need to repeat standard actions again and again. These operations are processed automatically by this new digital colleague. Creating a new line in an order, sending a friendly reminder about an unpaid invoice and merging an invoice with the correct order are just some of the processes that can be handled automatically. This gives businesses much more time to focus on their core activities.

All the information under a single roof

Additionally, users of Exact Synergy with Exact RPA can link to ERP and CRM systems, either from Exact or from a third party. These means the business can have all of its information in a single place, so there’s no need to toggle between multiple systems. Exact is bringing this solution to market through a collaboration with GLM Systems, a developer that’s been bringing added value to Exact’s software for years.

Jarno van Hurne, Exact’s Global Product Line Director commented, “It’s especially important in these challenging times for companies to move forward digitally. The businesses that succeed in advancing now will be the winners tomorrow. We want to help SMEs do this, especially with this solution. Automating repetitive processes leaves businesses more time for what truly matters: offering customers the highest possible level of service.”

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