Fulfilling a woman’s ultimate hair dream. That is the aim of Balmain Hair Group B.V. The family business, part of French fashion house Balmain, is specialised in hair extensions. Ideal for women who want a fuller look, or longer hair. “It is fantastic hair, very glamorous and the results can be seen instantly,” beams general director Steward Guliker. “The high-quality product’s recognition is increasing at higher-end hair salons. We want to show hairdressers that there is an entire target group that wants extensions. Our aim is to get hairdressers to think outside of the box,” he adds. Balmain has six locations worldwide. In addition to the Netherlands there are also locations in Germany, France, England, America and Hong Kong.

I now have insight into the work situation of all colleagues worldwide

Old situation

Balmain Hair Group previously worked with an external party that facilitated the logistics process for them. This made it hard to meet the expectations of customers in terms of delivery speed, processing of returns and response times. Information about customers and orders was scattered and could not easily be retrieved. There was also insufficient insight into the work situation of colleagues in other countries. In addition, the processes were unclear.

The solution

In 2009 Balmain Hair Group decided to take logistics into its own hands to improve efficiency. This could be achieved with Exact Globe and Exact Synergy. Exact Globe is used for the logistics and financial organisation. Exact Synergy is used to gain additional insight into the workflows of colleagues globally. In addition, all information about customers and items is combined in a transparent way in Exact Synergy Enterprise. “I want to have as few players at the table as possible. And this is possible with Exact. It’s a great tool, which allows us to manage everything well,” says Guliker.


  • Optimal logistics: from receipt to delivery
  • 99.7 percent stock reliability
  • Transparent process management: all information comes together
  • Support from Exact International when making choices
  • Order before 3 p.m. and it is delivered the same day
  • Management insight into the progress of the company, from any location and at any time, including foreign branches.
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