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Trends in local laws and regulations and a review of 2022

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If you do business internationally, you need to comply with local laws and regulations that are constantly changing. Exact Globe+ offers you continuous updates on upcoming legal requirements in many countries. Every month you get improvements and changes through product updates.  

Trends in local laws and regulations 

This area is seeing several trends, of which we would like to highlight two in this blog. 


First of all, there is the trend of extensive digitalisation. Countries around the world are accelerating the implementation of e-invoicing. Massive adoption of e-invoicing is bringing significant economic benefits: it is accurate and fast, saves costs and prevents tax fraud.  

Intrastat changes 

The second trend is the standardisation of Intrastat reporting. The Intrastat system provides Eurostat with statistical data on goods traded between EU Member States. From January 2022, the European Parliament and European Council have enforced European business statistics. Member States have to standardise their Intrastat reporting with a view to the innovation and modernisation of the reporting system.  

Our adjustments in Globe+ 

2022 was again a year that brought many changes to local laws and regulations. There have therefore also been a lot of changes in Globe+. With the above two trends in mind, let's take a closer look at a few examples.  


In 2022, many changes and improvements were made to Globe+ to better support e-invoicing in countries such as Italy, Saudi Arabia and Germany. 



The three provincial councils of the Basque Country – Álava, Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa – and the Basque Government have introduced the invoice reporting model TicketBAI. This requires a tax data file to be created for all sales, which is then submitted to the province's relevant tax authorities. An invoice with the TBAI code and TBAI QR code based on the reported file must be generated for each sale. TicketBAI is supported in Globe+. 

Intrastat changes 

To enable the standardisation of Intrastat reporting, changes have been made to Globe+ for the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria and Hungary. The most important change is that for shipping, the country of origin and the VAT number of the partner must be mentioned. In addition, a two-digit transaction code has been introduced. 

All changes at a glance 

The customer portal shows all the changes to local laws and regulations.   

Winter Release '23 

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