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Update order line delivery dates - now available for Exact Online for Wholesale and Manufacturing

Running your business processing a growing number of sales orders, more and more takes your valuable time. Because orders tend to grow by means of the number of order lines, changing for instance delivery dates for these lines becomes a real time consuming task.

Planned delivery date can change due to various reasons. For instance, you have to cope with late deliveries from suppliers, or when your customers require and request alternative delivery dates.

With this update, for existing orders, order line delivery dates can be updated all at once, upon changing the delivery date of the order. This will not only save you a lot of time, it prevents from errors as well. 'Update delivery dates' is available for Exact Online for Wholesale, and for Exact Online for Manufacturing.

After the first days of availability, we already got a lot of positive feedback on this new innovation, in our community. this is the place where you leave your new ideas, or vote on the ideas already registered.

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Bram Streefkerk

Bram is Solution Marketeer voor de industry solutions van Exact. In die rol is hij verantwoordelijk voor het vermarkten van de handels- en productiesoftware van Exact. Daarbij ondersteunt hij sales, marketing en resellers. Bram heeft ruim 20 jaar ervaring met e-commerce en ERP voor handels- en productiebedrijven in het mkb. 

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