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Innovations in Exact Insights to deliver analysis even faster

Innovations in Exact Insights to deliver analysis even faster

At Exact, we think it's important to keep a close watch over your numbers, so you can quickly make decisions based on the right insights. That’s why we continuously work to develop new innovations. During our Winter'22 Release, we unveiled new innovations across our entire range of solutions. Discover which innovations we’ve added to enable Exact Insights to deliver analysis even faster.

Augmented Analytics

We’ve made multiple enhancements to Augmented Analytics to improve visualisation in Insight Advisor:

  • Custom chart periods

You can now customise the analysis period used by Insight Advisor. Previously, you needed permissions to change the business logic. Now, you can make these changes on demand, improving their ability to quickly get the insights they need.

  • DPS period-over-period analysis

You can now compare a change in a measure of the current period versus the previous period by using the period-over-period analysis. The analysis is applied to a line chart which lets users visualise how a measure differs between two periods of analysis.

  • Create custom responses to questions

Custom analyses allow you to create custom responses for specific phrases in Insight Advisor. You can define the analysis that will be returned, such as comparison, ranking and clustering, using specified input fields. This provides improved control over auto-generated analytics without the need to define complex rules.


We’ve also made new improvements to the visualisations:

  • Further customisation of tooltips

    with the ability to embed a master visualisation into the tooltip: This allows you to visualise an overview first then drill down directly in the chart for details. The embedded chart inherits the state with dimension value in focus selected.
  • Layered labels

    which give you greater control and flexibility over the presentation of graphs: In addition to label options like auto, horizontal, and tilted, you can now layer your labels on the X-axis. Layering staggers your labels to make better use of space and provide more room for your graph.

The line chart labels have also been enhanced with a new All option, which forces data labels to always remain visible. Additionally, the Auto option, which automatically shows labels based on the space available, has been improved to display more labels.

  • Master visualisations, dimensions and measures

    You can now edit master visualisations, master dimensions and master measures directly from the Property panel.

Winter'22 Release

Every quarter we inform you about our latest product innovations and developments. This allows you to get the most out of your Exact software. Discover all the innovations we introduced for the Winter'22 Release.

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