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Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Introducing the shop order material issue slip

There are several layouts that list shop order materials, such as the shop paper, the manufacturing picking list and the manufacturing cluster picking list. None of these are suited to direct the warehouse staff to pick specific serial- or batch numbers. We are now introducing the shop order material issue slip to help you precisely with that objective: pick the right batch.

Reserving a specific batch for a shop order Take a dairy manufacturer. He maintains inventory of fresh milk produce in tanks, and of various additives in bags and barrels. All these ingredients have a (batch specific) expiry date, quantity and location(s). When we instruct the warehouse staff to pick ingredients with a shop paper or picking list, we leave it to their judgement which batches to select. We are also somewhat limited in the back office to pre-assign batches because all inventory remains available until issued. The shop order material issue slip ([Master data] Layouts, Shop order material issue slip) has been designed precisely for this need. We select the batches on the material issue screen, and once we print the shop paper we also print a picking advice. The warehouse can now be sure which batch to pick:  

Option to print the shop order material issue slip with the shop paper When we print a shop paper (using the Print button of the shop order, or via [Manufacturing] Planning, Print shop paper) we have the option to “Include the issue slip in the shop paper PDF”. Checking this option will cause the shop order material issue slip to be appended to the shop paper:  

Alternative menus to print the issue slip are via [Manufacturing] Issues & reversals, Print and [Manufacturing] Issues & reversals, History.   The shop order material issue slip will list the issues to the shop order with their respective serial- or batch numbers:


These improvements are available for all versions of Exact for Manufacturing. The Ease of Use project aims to make Exact for Manufacturing easier and more efficient using the feedback of customers. Do you think we can make Exact for Manufacturing better? Contact Exact support and we dive into your suggestion.

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