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Available stock, now available

From this Summer Release, Exact Online for Trade and Exact Online for Manufacturing offer the possibility to show ‘available stock’ information within the sales order. This information can be made available to the order rows, as a new column. This way, you can easily see if it is possible to fulfill your order, on product level. Available stock vs stock vs expected stock With this new addition, we now support three ways in which you can get insight in your stock levels. By default, Exact Online for Trade and Manufacturing show what is ‘in stock’. Available stock adds information that is derived from what you have in stock, minus the number of items that is planned to be delivered (planned-out). This way, you’re always in control, knowing if you’re able to deliver the order. Next to this, we also support ‘projected stock’. Projected stock is defined as the stock level that is available based on what you have in stock, minus ‘planned-out’, plus ‘planned-in’. Altogether, these stock calculations deliver full insight in your stock levels, while entering sales orders. Item browser The new ‘available stock’ option is also available in the item browser that opens as a pop-up when double clicking an item number in the order. This will help you to improve you delivery performance, being able to directly select an alternative item when the ‘available stock’ of your initial item shows that you’re not able to fulfill. Available stock is available to all our Exact Online for Trade and Manufacturing users as from the Summer Release, but is not visible in the order screen by default. To get it there, simply click the configuration icon [  ] in the upper right corner of the screen. Do exactly the same when you want ‘available stock’ to be available in the item browser as well.    
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