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Autumn'21 Release: New in Exact Insights

Autumn'21 Release: New in Exact Insights

Exact is always innovating. For the Autumn'21 Release, we are proud to present our newly implemented innovations in our various solutions. This also affects Exact Insights. Read about the latest features in this blog post. 

Insight Advisor Chat

Several improvements have been made to Insight Advisor Chat. These include improved context when answering questions, a refined user interface for entering questions and smarter selections of apps for responding to questions.

Insight Advisor Search

Various improvements have also been made to the search-based analysis in the Exact Insights apps, including:

  • Analysis of changes within a period – Insight Advisor is used to generate multiple charts for one type of analysis, for example analysing data between two periods based on different charts.
  • Natural language generation – for visual diagrams generated by Insight Advisor Search you can now view contextual insights and data interpretations.

Improved visualisations

The visualisations have been improved in a number of ways. You can now embed and play videos directly in Exact Insights. The visualisation grid dimensions also have more detailed options now. They will help you to better identify the chart location and the associated dimensions for the design. There is a new indicator in the bottom right corner below objects showing the added dimensions and helping to coordinate when you move or resize chart objects within your design. And an improved combination graph is available with additional functionality and support for vertical presentations, reference lines based on measurements and dimensions and the option to use lines and bars.

And more improvements

  • Connectors: New Databricks ODBC connector: Exact Insights now supports a pre-configured connector for Databricks, including the new Spark 3.0 engine
  • Connectors: New Azure Synapse connector: Users can now access Azure Synapse Analytics directly via Exact Insights.
  • Mobile: Support for the Microsoft Edge mobile browser on iOS and Android
  • Management: Users can now create and edit tasks in the hub to improve the management and scheduling.

Autumn'21 Release

Every quarter we inform you about our latest product innovations and developments. This allows you to get the most out of your Exact software. Discover all the innovations we introduced for the Autumn'21 release.

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