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Additional Service Pack will be released for the NAV Online Invoicing System in Hungary

On June 18 we released product update 415SP9 with the functionality for the online submission of invoices via the NAV online invoicing system. Recently we released additional service packs with improvements for this functionality. In order to further enhance the online submission of invoices via NAV online invoicing system, we will provide a new set of service packs; product update 415SP12 and 416SP5 on August 6th.

Additional enhancements

The following improvements were implemented in the newest service packs:
  • Submission of historical invoices
    • Invoices which were previously submitted in the test environment can be re-submitted in the live environment.
    • Invoices which were unsuccessful in previous submissions, i.e. with status “Aborted”, can be re-submitted.
    • Processed invoices which were not submitted before but still valid for submission can be sent from invoice history.
  • Enhanced validation for submission of credit notes
    • Credit notes related to original invoices which were submitted successfully
    • Credit notes related to original invoices which were not submitted before, and the VAT amount of the original invoice equals to or exceeds the required VAT limit.
    • Enhanced line number references of the original invoices
  • Enhancements for perpetual invoices
    • Applying VAT exchange rates based on invoice issue date in the NAV submission, official VAT amount calculations of the invoice entry and printing of invoices
  • Other
    • Supporting text lines, as normal invoice lines without quantities or amounts
    • Performance improvement for invoices with a large number of invoice lines, e.g. more than 2000 lines.
    • We have also fixed several critical issues in the functionality based on the customers feedback
For more information, see The NAV Online Invoicing System in Hungary and the release note 28.556.584 – Product Update 415: Online submission of invoices via NAV online invoicing system supported (Hungarian legislation).
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